Youtube Space LA and Cholos!

I got to work with my now awesome bud Eric on his web series!  I got to direct and shoot the video over at Youtube Space LA. Shout out to them, they got a insane complex over there!  Im doing most/all of the post production (from editing to motion graphics and VFX)! It's cheesy, but it's super funny! and im learning a lot about workflows, directing, and the artistry of editing with comedic timing! Cheeaaa! Check it out, we had a blast working together on this and on his up-coming videos. 

BFA @ CSULB --Finally!!!!!!

Check out our first project of the semester! We had to print 25 posters with out printing! So we needed to make a flashy and cool printing technique from scratch, we came up with a fan and lots of powders! Peep our process video I also shot and edited here:

Biggest VFX project I have done - Toyfriend Music Video

  This is one of the biggest VFX and motion graphics projects I have done thus far, personally. In that I had to do all the shots myself. The only help I got was from my awesome friend George Hernandez  who worked his magic and created a cohesive story line out of the random script-less shots we received from the studio. It took both of us about 2 months on and off to complete the work. 

Lots of C4D and AE compositing went on! Really cool stuff though! Check it out! 


Some of my experiments in Input driven visuals.

Some of my thesis work for a design class at CSULB. My idea is to use Open Frameworks and processing to drive design and create very humanistic and organic elements that can be used to mold and shape spaces in architecture, art installations, wayfinding, signage, or be used for real time data visualization. 

I made these tests in Cinema 4D using a bit of xpresso rendered with the physical renderer and some effect shaders. The idea is to convert these concepts into input driven interactive visuals --then perhaps spaces.  

Wish I could be this good!

Check out these amazing titles directed by the world famous Gmunk. It pretty much sums up what im studying to become. The cross section of design, computer science, engineering, cinematography and geeky tech stuff is damn cool! Ahhhhhh!

Here are the 2013 FITC titles!

And here is the amazing BTS video!!!! 

BTW FITC 2014 is right around the corner. Design, technology and cool shit!!

The Sidral Mundet commercial I worked on is finally Online!

Worked as a AC and focus-puller on a couple commercials last year. This one was special because I was also editor, colorist and motion graphic artist on it. The hard part about it was really communicating with the client and editing the story the director wanted to tell. We shot so much footage that we really just sat down and had conversations about what story each cut would tell. This was important because in commercial you only get a limited window to say what you need to say.

This was shot on a Sony F3 with some modified Carl Zeiss photography lenses that were de-clicked and had focus gears installed. We used a Bartech wireless controller and I sat in front of a giant plasma tv and just pulled focus. So cool! lol

10 dolla fonts!

I get a lot of fonts from here. These are designed by real typographers that know what they are doing, so all the vectors are clean and sharp. Plus... look at all the fonts! and they run 10 bucks!!!


Panavision's new 70mm camera!!!

I have been waiting for this camera to come out for the longest now! It is a rumor has it that it may feature a 70mm global shutter sensor nearing 20 stops of dynamic range --If so it would make it the worlds premiere camera... ever. global shutter sensors are hard to make and market because of the noise they produce (ie: why most cameras are rolling shutter cmos chips). Which is why it is amazing that every single fantasy a digital age DP has ever had is becoming real. VFX shots will now be a walk in the park. resizing, re-composing, roto, chroma key, color matching, composting, texture creation... everything is better with more pixels and more data!!! This camera is a dream come true!! :)


One of the funnest projects I ever did!

   I was cinematographer and editor on this small 48 hour film back in 2012. Well technically a 24 hour film since we stayed up partying the first night. This was one of those projects you love because the people around you. I honestly love every person I worked with that weekend. 

  One of the best school projects I have worked on!! So awesome!

Coming Soon: Marz Studio !!!!!

Im pretty stoked right now. I am in the process of recruiting and assembling some of the finest talent in California in order to create a digital laboratory in the field of film and broadcasting. It's my first in a long line of studios I hope to open. The focus of this one will be film (short and feature length), Commercial work, tv and broadcast, with an emphasis in pre-production and production. 

Soon after this is launched Im hoping to open the second phase: a post-production studio: with the emphasis on boutique and custom visual work (vfx, motion graphics, mocap, and specialty shoots). Hopefully we get the paper work done soon. So we can start making cool stuff!!!!

I give to you: Marz Studio.





Necessary Reading in Design

  Good design is extremely difficult to achieve because you need to think about every single element in a design and how it will be used, perceived and interacted with. That's why every year new products come out; not just because of the promise of new revenue -- but because there is always something that can be improved, refined, or made more efficient. 

   Design is just problem solving, you have a problem and it needs resolution -- and sometimes the answer can be found in the most unexpected areas. That's why it is critical to always think beyond your scope, beyond the obvious, and beyond your comfort zone. 

   Here are some books I recommend to any and every design. Everyone from UI/UX design, to programming, engineering, industrial design graphic design, motion graphics and everyone in between. Here are some books that have taught me to think of design in a much more abstract way, and they have helped me conceptualize ideas and concepts.

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MatterApp: Pyramidal at CSULB

So I just finished a semester long project working with some super talented people on an art installation. The purpose was to create a space over at CSULB in front of the giant (and iconic) blue pyramid. 

The idea was to create a smaller structure that can stand on it's own but still parallel some of the same attributes and elements that the pyramid has. What we chose to do was to create a structure that is geometric, stable and uses theory and rules of design to create shape, space and form. 

We started with a platonic object (an Octahedron) and began to take it apart and dissect it. We created a modular element that we then repeated and connected in space according to Fibonacci's principle.  What we got was a super cool shape that was proportional, stable and easy to build because of it's modularity. We then decided on building using a space frame design, meaning we wanted the structure to have two parts: a skeletal structure and a skin. The idea being that the skeletal system would support the structure and the skin would create the "space" and facade of the object --or a canvas on to which we project images.

We thought about interactivity and input output systems that could take human input (say via touch capacitance, thermal and optical sensors or even data input such as tweets) and use it to project images or drive lighting systems on the art installation.

Thanks to our amazing professor, Heather Barker; we got in contact with a engineering firm called Gossamer that let us use it's proprietary interlocking technology that's based on a reverse thread system. Not only that but they helped us solve the structure and tested it's structural integrity for us. They even rendered out the plans for us --how awesome is that!!!

I will post up work I did and some BTS stuff from our project. Really stoked to see this thing go up. For some more info check out: to follow our progress. The installation should be up early 2014. So come check it out! Also Check out Materials&Applications, they are one of the contributors to this project --you can check out what they are up too over at:




My first post

My first post, here is my chance! boobs! 

hmmm, not what I expected, but it will do. Hi! welcome to my online portfolio. I will post my adventures on here. I work with some really cool people and we work on various projects so I will post updates on here for anyone to check out --or at least my mom. Hi mom!

Ok bye!