Football, Fights and Festivities.

Super stoked that I  got to work with Golden Boy. We got flown out to Texas where we got some super sweet tickets to the cowboys first game of the season. It was so much fun getting food and rinks with friends out in Texas. The work consisted of a bunch of promo commercials and motion graphics for their stingers and bumpers. This Victory project I did for them is probably my favorite of them all.  I got to play creative director on it and did the whole edit and compositing my self. I got some help from friend Michael who was awesome enough to share with me his super rad photos-- which I used for all the shots here. The whole process from story boarding, asset building, editing and compositing was about 3 days, but man where they fun. Big thanks to some of my adobe and Photoshop friends who taught me some really cool tricks to cutting people out based on depth of field. That was a life saver! Also shout out to Saatchi & Saatchi NY who gave me some awesome feed back on my project!