3D scan for Shoe Animation

I have been getting real familiar with 3D scanning this whole past month and it's been super fun playing around with capture techniques. Finally developed a good technique to capture High-re textures that can be used in animations and close ups! Total amount of pictures about about 60 each one was 3 images focus stacked together so that the texture remains fully in focus every picture. Can't wait to put all these ideas together into bigger projects!  CLICK on the images to check out some of the process! 

The Anatomy of Type

Finally getting to work on a long time passion project of mine. I'll be doing some presentations on design fundamentals and the creative process soon and I'm really stoked to talk about how Typography has changed how I view the world. Big shout out to Andrew Byrom ( http://www.andrewbyrom.com/ ) for pushing us to further understand our craft. I'll post more info as it becomes available here.

Anatomy of type-01.jpg

Mask of Sanity

Working branding and strategy is probably the most complicated experience in design. There is a lot more research and analytics than I would like, but it's also rewarding since a lot of what you do is a calculated gamble, and when it pays of, it pays big. Really like the direction we took this project. Enjoy some style frames!

Star Wars and junk

Working on some Star Wars stuff. I got the model fixed it up in C4D and rendered it in octane. Composited in Photoshop. More to come soon.

Vader_Tie0028 (00051).jpg

Posters and Film

I have been a huge fan of Neil Kellerhouse for a long time now and his work has been extremely influential in what I do now as a designer. Which is why I was super stoked to work with my good Friends on their movie posters. Both are independent films that have made the rounds in film festivals and have racked up plenty of accolades. As of now the movies are still making their rounds in LA so if you get a chance check out Yakuza No2 and Noboru.

Late Post

Because of my BFA senior show I didn't get to work on the new website till... I guess now (4 months later). Which means i got to post all of the stuff I did since then.  Here is the teaser I did for the show. I got some help shooting it form my good friends Lourd and David! The hardest part about the video was translating the shows theme and design to a video format. I'm Really happy with how it came out. 

Football, Fights and Festivities.

Super stoked that I  got to work with Golden Boy. We got flown out to Texas where we got some super sweet tickets to the cowboys first game of the season. It was so much fun getting food and rinks with friends out in Texas. The work consisted of a bunch of promo commercials and motion graphics for their stingers and bumpers. This Victory project I did for them is probably my favorite of them all.  I got to play creative director on it and did the whole edit and compositing my self. I got some help from friend Michael who was awesome enough to share with me his super rad photos-- which I used for all the shots here. The whole process from story boarding, asset building, editing and compositing was about 3 days, but man where they fun. Big thanks to some of my adobe and Photoshop friends who taught me some really cool tricks to cutting people out based on depth of field. That was a life saver! Also shout out to Saatchi & Saatchi NY who gave me some awesome feed back on my project!

New Website and New blog!

Hello world! I am back with a new website and a new blog. I have been busy with a bunch of projects! Everything from my senior graduation show to the building of some personal brands I want to launch to just taking time of to do personal projects! 

In the upcoming weeks and months I will have a steady stream of content flowing on here so stay tuned! 

2016 CSULB BFA senior show photoshoot.

2016 CSULB BFA senior show photoshoot.